Piers Dropped and Form-work Started

December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

If it doesn’t rain it pours…or however the saying goes. Mum did a quick walk past the block today and found that the Zen guys were hard at work dropping piers and beginning to form up in readiness for our slab. We still haven’t physically seen the block ourselves yet (that will have to wait until Saturday) but thanks to my parents who live just around the corner, and the brilliance of smart phones, we are kept updated with every little change. From the images I was sent today it seems that our slab looks MASSIVE. Let’s hope we still feel that way when it is laid.


Looks like our neighbours at Lot 1427 have had their frames put up, and our back-neighbours are installing some form of retaining wall. My fear from this perspective is that our backyard looks¬†tiny!! Until Saturday…




December 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we signed our building contract…finally! It has taken us a very long time along a very arduous road but we’re here. I couldn’t believe the dramas we had with council – but that is another story for another time. What I’m here to state (finally) is that our land has been CLEARED!


With word from our builder that our slab could be poured as early as next Wednesday, it’s heartening to see that we’ve finally had some movement, and still in 2012!

Neighbourly Meeting

May 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today we decided to drop by the land to check out what progress had been made (especially considering that registration is set for this week). And guess what?! We shiftily drove on the roads! With the gate somewhat ajar, we took our chances and drove up right to the land. And then we got another surprise. A neighbour! We met a couple a few doors up from us on Binyang. They were beautiful and we were really happy to know that young couples will be excitedly awaiting settlement just like us.

Looking forward to hearing registration has happened and settlement is around the corner!

Traipsing the Land

November 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well, it’s official! We have not only exchanged contracts, we now literally own 2% of the land. Yep, that’s about nine square metres. And it’s all ours. So, what else were we to do on a Sunday morning but take Shannon’s mum out to see our block for the first time.

This is what it looked like the last time we had seen it:

Trucks had been busily cutting up the land and dumping it in great piles both inside the fenced off areas and the soon-to-be-planted-out riparian corridor. Some of the guttering had been put in and Deerubbin Drive had partially been tarred. Binyang Drive was flattened as well. You can also see some concrete storm water drainage points laid around on the land ready to be placed neatly into the guttering.

So! Imagine our surprise when we arrived and found all guttering and storm water draining completed, the earth levelled, mulched and planted with hundreds of native plants as well as driveway entry points already formed into the gutters.

I lead us (my mum in the orange; Shannon’s mum in the coral) out to stand on our land. It’s exciting because with the guttering and driveways in we can actually see where our land will be.

We’re walking towards it here – it’s hard to say what will be where we’re currently standing. It may be an extension of the riparian corridor, or it could be turfed council land that carries a footpath to the Mulgoa Reserve.

And we’re on it! The piles of moved earth have been relocated to the riparian corridor opposite our block and the roads are looking to be laid. We’re fortunate that it is a relatively flat plot – keep those building site costs down!

As mentioned in The Land, we chose this particular block because we are opposite a riparian corridor that will never be built out. It’s a strip of natural bushland that will help the flora and fauna in this region survive. It’ll be peaceful and pretty. Especially now that they have planted it out with new native plants:

Soon we will update you guys on a recent trip to the display homes at The Ponds and some great ideas we’ve got for our future house. Can’t wait to see what’s happened to our block this week!

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