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Hello! Our names are Tegan and Shannon. We’re a young couple from Sydney embarking on the journey of a lifetime: building a house together. Not only are we building a house (which, from what we gather is a pretty full on experience), it is going to be our very first property. And not just together. First property, period. In October 2011 we bit the bullet, chose and bought a small corner block of land in Glenmore Ridge, a new land release in Glenmore Park (west of Sydney and close to the Blue Mountains).

Currently waiting for our land to be registered, we are happy to take the twenty-seven minute trip out from the inner-west of Sydney on weekends to see our block being cut up, cleared and bordered by gutters, storm water drains and roads. Standing on our own small plot of dirt for the first time in early November (sneakily), we were hit by the enormity of the journey ahead.

This blog will document our build to enlighten other potential land purchasers and house builders; to inspire and to educate others about our experiences.

Yes, we are currently building a house. Lot1426 will document it becoming a home. Our first home.

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  • About Us

    We're a young couple from Sydney currently in the process of building a custom designed two-storey home on a small corner plot of land in Glenmore Ridge. You can read more about us here.
  • Building Timeline

    18 January 2012
    Frames delivered

    18 December 2012
    Slab LAID!

    17 December 2012
    Formwork complete

    14 December 2012
    Mr Waffle delivered

    13 December 2012
    Piers dug and slab half-formed

    11 December 2012
    Land cleared!

    10 December 2012
    Building contract signed

    24 November 2012
    Construction certificate finalised

    5 November 2012
    Back to Local for construction certificate

    24 October 2012
    Letter of determination generated

    12 October 2012
    Plans APPROVED

    9 October 2012
    Plans updated with garage at front (9th)

    20 September 2012
    Plans updated with double garage (8th)

    18 September 2012
    Shan meets with council personally

    14 September 2012
    Plans updated with large back driveway (7th)

    3 September 2012
    Plans are lodged with council

    27 August 2012
    Stockland approves new plans

    21 August 2012
    Plans changed for driveway (6th draft)

    6 August 2012
    Plans go to council on garage issue

    19 July 2012
    Plans resubmitted to Local

    18 July 2012
    Plans changed for setbacks (5th draft)

    27 June 2012
    Plans submitted to Local

    26 June 2012
    Stockland approves.

    18 June 2012
    Plans off to Stockland!

    15 June 2012
    Signed final plans with Zen!

    07 June 2012
    Land settled - we OWN it!

    24 May 2012
    Land registered with Council!

    23 May 2012
    Working drawing plans from Zen

    02 May 2012
    Signed tender with Zen

    21 Mar 2012
    Received updated plans from Zen (4th)

    13 Feb 2012
    Received third plan draft from Zen

    Jan 2012
    Working with new plans

    28 Oct 2011
    Exchanged contracts with Stockland

    14 Oct 2011
    Letter to Council about setbacks

    24 Sep 2011
    Holding deposit put down on lot 1426

    21 Sep 2011
    Preliminary draft plans for house by Zen

    11 Sep 2011
    Put a hold on lots 1401, 1404 & 1426
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