Stockland Approve…With Conditions

June 26, 2012 § 5 Comments

So, Stockland have sent back approval for our home! Unfortunately the approval has come with conditions. Are there any other Glenmore Ridge residents who have had the same? Am I worrying unnecessarily because it is actually something done with every Design Guideline approval?

Our conditions included: pathways, woodland grey fencing (something we already knew about and are responsible for ourselves anyway), council setbacks and secondary frontage feature. All of this we have considered anyway. So now, we’re off to council. It’s come at a really good time too because on Saturday we’re off to Vietnam! Two weeks overseas means two weeks less we’re back at home waiting around for approval!


§ 5 Responses to Stockland Approve…With Conditions

  • James says:

    The only condition listed for us was fencing, but id say yours sounds very normal for a corner block 🙂

    James 1460

    • Yep, and the world’s (ok, maybe not the world’s) most unusually shaped block with about three differently angled splays doesn’t help either. Notice you’re “James 1460“…going to be neighbours?

  • Jon Ovington says:

    Although not as many as you mentioned, we had conditions. I don’t believe it is anything to be concerned about more so it is just Stockland covering their butts I would say. As you said, they are conditions you were aware of anyhow.

    • Thanks – I wasn’t really ‘concerned’ as such, just wondering if it was normal for Stockland to be so specific when they seemed (to us at least) such straightforward things. Also, with our house encroaching on the setbacks etc, we worry about our council approval too! With so much time, energy and money invested, the last thing we want is to get through council and then have to change the plans again!!

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