House Plans Update

May 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well, it’s been a long time between drinks (as they say)! I thought that since the planning process and land registration is now amping up, it’s time for me to start regularly updating all you Glenmore Ridge-to-be-residents and other interested parties on our progress.

Since we last spoke (a looooooong time ago) we have done a few back and forths with our house plans. Working with Zen Homes has been at once exciting and terrifying. It’s great to have such a say in how the house looks and acts but with a very small and up-and-coming builder just exploding on the scene, sometimes it seems they are stretched to the limits (and they are!) and at times unable to get back to us as quickly and as thoroughly as we’d like. But…after all that we’ve agreed on a value, agreed on the plans and the tender has been signed. Check out our updated plans below (now in their fourth incarnation):

And just because I wasn’t satisfied with the plain white rendition of our home’s exterior (and I seem to have more time than I should) I spent some time photoshopping facades. It has given us an idea about what we like and dislike but also has made us realise one very important thing: this is our HOME!

 This one was my favourite but not Shan’s so it looks like we’ll borrow some of these elements and change them to suit. Be back soon!


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